Top 7 Professions with Online Accounting Degrees


Not all professionals start out in their careers where you think they will. Below you will find the top 6 professions who actually have accounting backgrounds. You can learn more about the accounting industry.


You’re thinking…duh, right? Well, because there is so many options with an online accounting degree, this isn’t necessarily the obvious choice. Yes, accountants and CPAs are great professions, but those aren’t the only options. If this the route you choose, it’s probably worth considering getting your bachelors or even your masters. Through a master’s degree in accounting, you will have ample amounts of time to network and build connections that may lead you somewhere in the future. Be sure to keep contact with these people throughout the years because you never know when knowing the right person will come in handy.

Business Analysts

Business Analysts are employed by many different industries and many got their start in the accounting industry. They gained the experience needed for this field because of their extensive work with the financials that helped business leaders make proper decisions in regards to the direction that the business took.

These employees hold quite a bit of responsibility in the company, which may include making decisions based upon specific solutions to issues that are facing a company. They may also be in charge of the development of the specific systems that help the business function more accurately and determining the steps that a business should take in order advance further in their specific industry.


There are many paths that a person with an accounting background can take to become a CEO. The skills that they learn along the way also prove to be invaluable to the position. CEOs are responsible for all the day to day functions of a business. They make all the major decisions related to the direction that the business is going to take and are ultimately in charge of making sure that the company is running efficiently.

Accounting backgrounds can be very useful for a CEO because they need to understand the financials of a company in order to make sure that is performing how it needs to be and to understand the changes that should be made in order to make it run smoother.

Business Owners

Many business owners start out with an accounting background. Accountants understand a lot about running a company and often strike out on their own after a certain point in their career. By having an accounting background, business owners are able to understand the rules and regulations that are required.

They also understand the decisions that must be made in regards to a business and will be able to understand financial statements more thoroughly. This will allow them to make better decisions when they are expanding or making changes to their companies in order to make them grow and adapt to the industry around them. Here are 4 more reasons why CPAs make great business owners.

Human Resources Manager

Although you wouldn’t think that human resources and accounting go hand in hand, they actually do. Payroll is a huge part of both fields and both the accounting and the human resources department play a role in managing it. Both departments will need to understand how payroll effects the company and will work together to develop plans to make the company run smoothly and with a low overhead cost.

Having such a huge role in the function of the human resource department allows many accountants to make a smooth transition into the position of human resources manager. They are able to understand the financial implications of the workforce and are able to adjust accordingly.

Operations Manager

Operation managers also tend to come with an accounting background. They are responsible for the day to day function of the company and will understand how to create a work environment that will maximize profits. They will also understand what changes need to be made in order to create better functioning operations and will be able to provide data to support these decisions.

Another benefit of having an operations manager with an accounting background is their ability to understand and develop financial reports that may be beneficial to the operations of the company. They will understand how these reports affect what the company is trying to accomplish as well as the changes that should be made to make the company run more smoothly.


Many politicians have a financial or accounting background and it proves to be very useful. As a politician, budgets must be balanced and money spread out accordingly. By having an accounting background, politicians will have the benefit of understanding the best ways to accomplish this in the area that they have been elected from.

Having an accounting background can be very beneficial to a politician and may help them make better decisions for their state or local communities. They will understand the impact that certain bills and laws have on the financial status of the country and will be able to suggest ways to adjust those bills so that they have a lower impact.

Although some of these fields may not be typically tied to Accounting backgrounds, there are many in these industries that have gotten their start by crunching numbers.