Should You Get an Online Degree? (Online vs Traditional)

The debate between traditional and online degrees is a popular subject of late. Below are four pros and cons of each style for your comparison.

Online Degrees – The Pros

1.    Relaxed Learning Atmosphere

With an online degree, you will be selecting an option that allows you to study in the comfort of your own home. You will not need to worry about buying special clothes to attend school in and you will be able to spend time learning instead.

2.    Flexible Hours

Online classes are extremely beneficial to people who hold full time jobs or have a family. You are able to work around your schedule and will not need to worry about missing classes due to work or vice versus.

3.    Faster to Complete

Another benefit is that online classes may be faster to complete. Since there is not a strict guideline as to when you must take the classes, you may find that some classes can be completed in a matter of weeks rather than months at a traditional college.

4.    Costs of Materials

You will also find that you can save money on supplies with online classes. More than likely, most of the work will be completed online and you will not need to the same supplies that you would at a traditional college. Books are also cheaper because they are typically delivered via online eBooks.

Online Degrees – The Cons

1.    Lack of Face to Face Learning

Some people find online degrees (like accounting) more difficult because they are not able to have a face to face conversation with their instructor. Since classes are held online, teachers may be located far away from their students making it harder to communicate.

2.    May not have access to study buddies

If you are someone who enjoys having help with study projects, you may find it more difficult to complete an online degree. These are best for people who are able to work on their own, with little assistance from others.

3.    Classes may not transfer

It is very important that you look into the school that you are considering. While most traditional classes will transfer from one school to the next, this may not be true for online classes.

4.    Must have an environment of your own that is suitable for learning

If you have issues with motivation, you may find it difficult to complete an online degree. Some find it difficult because there is no set structure to the times that they must attend classes. Traditional classes help to hold them accountable for attending classes regularly.

Traditional Degrees – The Pros

1.    Physical Access to Instructors

Traditional colleges are great for those who are looking to have more one on one time with their professors. Online professors may be harder to communicate with.

2.    Greater supply of learning materials at your disposal

Some find the facilities at a traditional college better when they are trying to study. There are typically special study materials that are available at the library as well as study labs and areas that they can use for internet access.

3.    Structured Classrooms and Schedules

If you are a student who needs structure, a traditional college may be better for you. You will be less likely to miss classes when you are held accountable.

4.    All inclusive options are available

If you choose an online degree, you will also need to consider where you will live as well. With a college you will have the option of dorms and the school cafeteria that may be included in the cost of tuition.

Traditional Degrees – The Cons

1.    Lack of Flexibility for Schedules

Traditional degrees offer very little in the way of flexibility for work schedules and home lives. This has been a problem for some.

2.    The Cost

At times, traditional colleges are more expensive due to the price of classes and the materials that are needed. You may save money by purchasing eBooks for online classes instead.

3.    Time consuming

Typical classes are taken two or three times each week, which may make it difficult for some. Many online classes can be taken on a weekly basis to make it less time consuming.

4.    Convenience Issues

Earning a traditional degree might also be less convenient because you will need to live near the college in order to attend classes.

Obtaining a college degree is an important part of developing a quality career as you get older. It is important that you review the options that you have and choose a path that makes the most sense to you. Learn more about online classes here: ( )