Financial Analysts At “Unease” With Wake Up Now

For a company whose success depends in large part in its distributors, Wake Up Now hasn’t been doing a lot to instill faith in the very people who spread the word about its products. If you’ve done any research on WUN or kept up with the illustrious career of Kirby Cochran (he’s now the CEO of Wake Up Now), you might already know that the company has gone on a spending spree of late.

Such a spending spree, in fact, that detractors of the Utah-based MLM company are gleefully pointing this out and forecasting ruin for WUN.

Ironic that nobody is talking about this. Even the best Wake Up Now review I could find on the internet, (which didn’t even compare to reviews of Digital Altitude) did not mention anything about their potential financial doom.

Too early to tell? Perhaps, yes.

But the over-spending has financial analysts at unease.

Look Beyond the Surface

Yes it’s true: Kirby Cochran and Wake Up Now are spending like mad and it’s no secret. It actually can’t be a secret now since they’re a publicly traded company whose financials must be made available to the SEC and the public at the end of each fiscal year. But don’t let the detractors and competitors paint an inaccurate picture of what’s really at hand in this multi-million dollar company which has quadrupled its profits since being headed by Cochran. You can take the income disclosure statement of any large corporation in its initial stages of growth and point out the spending vs. income in order to come away with a portrait of “loss”.

Name a Large Successful Company That Didn’t Experience Growing Pains

Take a look at the financial statements of any large corporation during its beginning years of expansion and growth and you’d see the same thing. Heck, Amazon hasn’t made a profit yet! Investors still flock to this company, however. Same goes for Twitter…not a dime made but still a power player in the major leagues.

Take a look at any company’s past and there’s a period (a period of growth, usually, where profits are plowed back into infrastructure or inventory) where the year(s) ended in net loss before they saw a reversal. The profit right now is being invested in WUN’s future, and if sales continue at the pace they’re at currently, Cochran is confident the loss will turn into profit, after which the company will see continued growth, based on current expansion efforts, as well as increasing profits for years to come.

Their online PR could use some help, too. According to Salt-Lake-based SEO Pro League head director and former CMO of, Josh Tellers, “WUN needs a PR guy to help them with their branding. Most people don’t really understand who WUN speaks to…”

The Key is Knowing You Have a Great Product

It’s all about potential and quality of the product. Kirby Cochran believes wholeheartedly in the product, and we’ve already seen the potential: the Wake Up Now network has grown immensely the past two years, both in size and in market coverage. The distributor network has grown, of course, along with everything else.

When a highly successful venture capitalist known for growing companies believes in a product strongly enough to become the CEO and put 100% behind it, as Kirby Cochran has done with Wake Up Now, you can bet good things are to come despite current “growing pains”.